Resilient Yet Traditionally Appealing Woodclad Doors

Selecting the appropriate style for your brand new renovation or construction project can be a jarring task. Fine Windows & Doors, Inc. is proud to employ a team of superior technicians and installation experts who are here to guide you through every step of the way, offering professional advice and opinions, as well as addressing any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Our many years of experience in the industry can assure our clients that they will be dealing with some of the best customer service in the construction industry, in addition to all of our products are fully customizable, from grids, to colors, to energy efficiency. We are a proud platinum-certified vendor of all of Milgard’s products, and utilize many other manufacturing connections to maintain an inventory that is versatile in function as well as aesthetic. No matter what your budget or desired style, Fine Windows & Doors, Inc. has what you’ve been looking for!

Our woodclad doors are fixed with a durable fiberglass exterior, providing resilience against weather while offering the warm, traditional look of finished wood on the interior. Utilizing a variety of materials, woodclad doors are the ultimate choice for that traditional aesthetic with all the appeal of a modernist approach; gorgeous aesthetic, no maintenance, weather resistance and high durability.

Fine Windows and Doors, Inc. is proud of our energy efficiency, and recommends that all clients opt for utilizing energy efficient materials. Our woodclad doors can be combined with any variety of finishes to help increase resistance and efficiency.

For a resilient, yet traditionally appealing new construction or replacement home or office set-up, our woodclad doors remain an excellent choice. Set an appointment to get your free no-obligation quote or consultation today, and find out why hundreds of families across the state use us for all their window and door installation needs!

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